Westchester Poverty and Hardship – Thoughts from Guest Blogger Brett Amdur – Part 2 of 3

Graph of Percentage of Households by Income Category

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Earlier this summer, Brett Amdur, a data journalist, took a deep dive into the data made available through the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and emerged with a comprehensive analysis of  income and wealth distribution in Westchester.  Our collaboration continues with an examination of Westchester Poverty and Hardship, and raises yet again the question, are current measures of poverty adequate enough to measure economic need?

So put on your data viz goggles yet again and take a look at this:

Poverty and Hardship in Westchester County

Guest blogger Brett Amdur is a data journalist whose work focuses on public interest matters.  Brett is also a former lawyer and tech startup founder.  Have a public interest data journalism project you’d like to explore?  Feel free to reach out to Brett at brettmamdur@gmail.com.