Our Work

Children by the Numbers

Children By The Numbers aims to analyze and visualize data, particularly data pertaining to Westchester’s children, in a way that’s informative, truthful, and compelling. We want this blog to spark conversations about data, the use of data, and most importantly, the children’s issues behind the data.

Cora’s Medium Blog

WCA’s Executive Director, Cora Greenberg, crafts blog posts when she’s inspired by current events that affect our children and families.

Interactive Data

At WCA, we get to use some pretty cool data tools to help you understand what is going on with youth. Lately, we have been aiming to put data into the hands of our users. We create interactive data dashboards that let you dive in and do some data exploration on your own.

Ground Truthing: Insights from the Ground Up

This is WCA’s podcast. Ground Truthing unites community voices from across Westchester County to discuss topics that impact children and families.