Interactive Data

Welcome to our Interactive Data repository! With our varied data analysis and visualization toolbox, we have been working hard at putting data right into our users hands! On this page, you will have access to our collection of interactive data dashboards that allow you to become empowered through your own discovery of data.

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2019 Vote for Kids Candidate Survey Results

Every year, WCA conducts a survey to ask local candidates where they stand on issues that affect children and youth in Westchester. This is done to help voters make better-educated decisions on Election Day. Here are the responses received for 2019.

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The 2018 GPS4Kids Baseline Report

This interactive report allows you to explore the GPS4Kids baseline indicators for your school district and, in some cases, your schools. To learn more about the report and why we picked these indicators, click here.

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Building Positive School Climate

This dashboard story looks at both Violent and Disruptive School Incident data and Juvenile Arrest data while trying to answer the question: how do we build positive school climate?

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Westchester Academic Growth by Race and School District

This dashboard story is part two to “An Alternative Measure for School Success” (see below); looking at the Stanford University data with a little more depth.

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An Alternative Measure for School Success

With data released by Stanford University, this dashboard lets you see what your district’s student growth rate is and how community factors might affect it.

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2017 Vote for Kids Candidate Survey Results

Data derived from WCA-led survey of candidates running in the 2017 local elections.

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2013-2014 Chronic Absence/FRL

This dashboard was an updated version of the previous chronic absence dashboard we created for our blog post. In this one, we included the free and reduced lunch rate to show the association of FRL and chronic absence rates.

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2013-2014 Chronic Absence in Westchester

This dashboard was created for a blog post we wrote during Attendance Awareness month in 2016. We used data from the Office of Civil Rights.

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2015 ELA/Math Scores in Westchester

We created this dashboard for a blog post we wrote when the NYSED releases the 2015 proficiency exam score data.

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