Project Engage

What is Project Engage?

Project Engage represents an upgrade to our initiative previously entitled “Project 2020” that empowers young people of Westchester to be informed and be heard in your communities at any time, especially before elections.

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Our Voting Toolkits are updated often to give you current tools to be informed and ready.

Download a combo Project Engage Toolkit or

click below to download our separated Project 2020 Toolkits.



See more key election dates here.


*Register to vote online at any time.


*Complete an absentee ballot application and email it to receive an absentee ballot if you are unable to vote in person.

October 27 – Last day to mail for an absentee ballot application

November 1 – Last day to apply in person for general election ballot

November 2 –  Last day to postmark or deliver election ballot in person to Board of Elections


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