WCA’s mission is to improve the lives of Westchester’s young people by shaping policies and programs to meet their needs and by keeping their well-being at the top of the public agenda. Since 1914, we have remained steadfast to this.

Our vision is for every child to be healthy, safe, and prepared for life’s challenges regardless of race or zip code.

How do we achieve our mission?

We Educate!  We Connect!  We Act!

WCA stands for the principle that all young people deserve a strong start in life. As the leading independent voice for the children and youth of Westchester, WCA works to improve the status quo for all of our young people – from newborns to young adults. We work to achieve our mission by identifying the needs of Westchester’s children and youth, making those needs known, and making sure that they are met.

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Here's what WCA does every day to achieve our mission: Analyze the data that reveals how children and youth are faring. Educate the public and policy makers about children’s needs. Lead coalitions of child service providers and experts in studying complex issues. Advocate for sensible public investments in children’s services. Mobilize parents, youth, and other concerned residents to speak out for effective solution

Race Equity

Westchester Children’s Association conducts much of our child advocacy work through a race equity lens.  Our formal statement and an evolving list of examples can be found here.


“Westchester Children’s Association’s dedication and effectiveness in improving policies and programs for children is unequaled in Westchester County. Our children, and all of us who care deeply about them, are fortunate to have WCA’s leadership.”
– Dr. Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO, The Children’s Village

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