Our eBulletin allows us to quickly share our advocacy work for Westchester’s children and complements our printed newsletter and other publications. Click on the links to download current and past editions of our eBulletin.

2024 eBulletins

  • WCA eBulletin #33 [Link] January 2024: Hope Quilt Installation; Rally for Youth Justice; Mental Health Roundtable; Advocacy 101 and Project Engage; Court Watchers Program Launch; Commissioners’ Conversation; Strategic Plan and Engaging Newly Elected Officials; HeadStart Workgroup; Advocacy Breakfast; Child Poverty Reduction Advisory Council; Data Bulletin Release

2023 eBulletins

  • WCA eBulletin #32 [Link] November 2023: Westchester County Budget – 2024; Children by the Numbers Data Bulletin; Advocacy Breakfast; Community Voices Against Child Poverty; Update on Court Watchers; 2024 Calendars Available
  • WCA eBulletin #31 [Link] September 2023: WCA’s Fall Event; Thank you, Robin Hood Foundation; WCA’s Project Engage; Thank you to PepsiCo Foundation; Annual Advocacy Breakfast; Get WCA’s 2024 Engagement Calendar; What the Court Watchers Have Seen; The Power 100; Newly Elected Officials
  • WCA eBulletin #30 [Link] June 2023: June 2023: NYS Budget Recap; Commissioners’ Conversation on Children; Homelessness
  • WCA eBulletin #29 [Link] April 2023: Homelessness; Mental Health; A Word with Allison Lake, our Executive Director, Child Poverty; Off-Broadway Fundraiser; No-Show Gala
  • WCA eBulletin #28 [Link]  February 2023: Youth Justice; The Hope Quilt; Donate to WCA; Mental Health: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Advocacy 101 & Project Engage; Child Poverty Reduction; Data Matters

2022 eBulletins

  • WCA eBulletin #27 [Download]  December 2022: Changing the Mental Health Conversation; Update: Westchester County Budget; Donate to WCA; Recent WCA Publications
  • WCA eBulletin #26 [Download]  September 2022: Early Childhood Home Visiting: Hope Quilt Opening; Advocacy Breakfast: A Better Normal; Digital Access Survey Results
  • WCA eBulletin #25 [Download]  July 2022: 2023 NYS Budget & WCA’s Advocacy (Read Article); Race Equity; Meet our Data Intern; Spring Benefit Photos & Journal
  • WCA eBulletin #24 [Download]  April 2022: 2023 NY State Budget Review; 2022 Community Snapshots; Spring Benefit Tickets
  • WCA eBulletin #23 [Download]  March 2022: NY State Budget; Community Snapshot Launch; Westchester Child Poverty Symposium; Spring Benefit 2022
  • WCA eBulletin #22 [Download]  February 2022: Next year’s State Budget; Digital Access Survey!; New Faces: Angel Gray, Program & Policy Manager
  • WCA eBulletin #21 [Download]  January 2022: New challenges to Raise the Age legislation; Graduate Intern explains new Digital Access Survey; Hope Quilt

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