Income Diversity – Thoughts from Guest Blogger Brett Amdur – Part 1 of 3

Click here to see this data visualization in action

As the sole data person at Westchester Children’s Association,  I have a wish list of things I could look into but don’t have the time to take a deeper dive.  So when we were connected with Brett Amdur, a data journalist, I couldn’t be happier (and a bit jealous).  Our work together led us to thinking about interesting questions relating to income and wealth distribution in Westchester.  But we quickly realized that this discussion was going to take longer than one blog post.  So I am happy to announce THREE blog posts from Brett that takes a look into income in Westchester, and how does the “income portrait” compare to the rest of New York State.  Admittedly he has some pretty nifty data visualizations in there that I think adds much to the conversation.  It is definitely worth a look.

Here is his description of today’s blog post:

The word “diversity” can refer to many things.  Today we’re exploring “income diversity”, which is a term we’re using to help us analyze the breadth of incomes within a geographic area.  Have you ever thought about how much diversity of income there is within Westchester County?  Or about how we compare to other New York counties?  You might be surprised to learn that in at least one sense, Westchester actually has more income diversity than any other county in the state.   And stay tuned for more blog entries in our new series looking at various aspects of Westchester demographics.

So put on your data viz goggles and take a look at this:



Guest blogger Brett Amdur is a data journalist whose work focuses on public interest matters.  Brett is also a former lawyer and tech startup founder.  Have a public interest data journalism project you’d like to explore?  Feel free to reach out to Brett at