2023 Children by the Numbers Data Bulletin Released

On November 28, WCA launched the 2023 Children by the Numbers Data Bulletin at the Carver Center, located in Port Chester, NY. The Data Bulletin sheds light on the unequal socioeconomic, health, and educational outcomes faced by the county’s children … Read More & Comment »

The 2017 Data Bulletin – The Hope and Challenge for Us All

We wanted to create a data bulletin that shed light on the hope that we see in this county. That said, race still affects outcomes for children across their lifetimes. Read More & Comment »

Get the 2016 Data Bulletin Right Here

DOWNLOAD THE 2016 CHILDREN BY THE NUMBERS BULLETIN HERE! Data sources are also available. Last Friday, we released the printed version of our 2016 Data Bulletin at the annual County Legislative Breakfast on Children and Youth. This year, as we worked … Read More & Comment »

A Constant Eye: Paying Attention to Child Abuse in Westchester County

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the US. I admittedly am uneasy about the notion of “celebrating” child abuse prevention, because I wish there wasn’t the need for child abuse prevention in the first place. Child abuse is a crime that lingers long after the abuse has ended. The physical and psychological effects of child abuse can last for years if not decades and those same insidious effects can be passed on to future generations. Read More & Comment »

Westchester youth experience higher rates of unemployment than adults.

Disconnected Youth: Are Our Youth Making the Transition to Adulthood?

It’s shocking, really. 12% of Westchester’s young people ages 16 to 24 aren’t in school and they aren’t working. That’s 12,280 young adults. They are the “disconnected youth” – disconnected from the positive activities that help young people prepare for an independent life as an adult. Read More & Comment »