Mapping New York’s Home Visiting Programs

Parenting is difficult for everyone, but it can be particularly challenging for low-income families. Voluntary early childhood home visiting programs can ease this challenge by partnering families with trained professionals.  Home visiting programs demonstrate parenting techniques, offer health resources, answer … Read More & Comment »

A timeline of the Raise the Age campaign to change the age of adult criminal responsibility in NY to 18 years.

A Timeline of the Raise the Age Campaign

New York remains one of only two states that automatically treat 16 and 17 year olds as adults in the justice system – despite the fact that most states set the age of criminal responsibility at 18 in the 1940s! A new infographic traces the Raise the Age campaign from its early roots to the present day. We’ve come a long way together, but there is still work to do! Read More & Comment »

Westchester Graduates infographic

Facts About Westchester Graduates

By now, many high school seniors across Westchester County have already donned the classic cap and gown. After a much-anticipated walk across the stage, they now have a high school diploma in hand. They have joined the ranks of Westchester graduates! … Read More & Comment »

2015 youth employment infographic

Youth Employment in Westchester [Infographic]

This infographic provides statistics on the challenges facing our young people today — high unemployment rates, low educational levels, and an overall lack of readiness for college and careers. But it also highlights some of the programs working to connect Westchester’s young people to job opportunities. Read More & Comment »

Raising the Bar infographic featured image

Raising the Bar on Academic Achievement

In the United States, long after the words “land of the free” were written on the back of a letter in Franklin Scott Key’s pocket, racial inequality is still a reality in our world today, even in our county of … Read More & Comment »

Commission on Youth, Public Safety & Justice Releases Raise the Age Recommendations

January 20th — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — the Commission on Youth, Public Safety & Justice, a task force created by NY Governor Cuomo, released its recommendations on how to improve the treatment of young people in the NY State justice … Read More & Comment »

Graduating Ready for College: Racial Disparities

In continuation of our discussion of the new graduation and college readiness data from the New York State Department of Education, today we’d like to share an interactive map with you. If you’ve missed our previous posts, be sure to catch up on the conversation … Read More & Comment »