Why I Am So Proud of Yonkers’ New & Improved Code of Conduct

Since the release of Dreams Deferred in 2013, WCA’s Connecting Youth workgroup has worked on remedies to re-engage youth disconnected from work and school. The report recommends districts, “reduce exclusionary/disciplinary and suspension practices in school and encourage restorative practices”. Student … Read More & Comment »

During My Internship at WCA…

This post was authored by our 2017 Cornell University Blumenthal Intern, Lauren Woods. Lauren is a rising junior majoring in industrial and labor relations. She is currently on a pre-law track, and wishes to attend law school after graduation. Lauren … Read More & Comment »


Understanding New York’s College and Career Readiness Rate

What is the College and Career Readiness Rate? Each year, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) releases information about the percentage of graduating seniors that are considered ready for college or careers. This statistic is informally referred to as the college and career … Read More & Comment »

2015 youth employment infographic

Youth Employment in Westchester [Infographic]

This infographic provides statistics on the challenges facing our young people today — high unemployment rates, low educational levels, and an overall lack of readiness for college and careers. But it also highlights some of the programs working to connect Westchester’s young people to job opportunities. Read More & Comment »

Raising the Bar infographic featured image

Raising the Bar on Academic Achievement

In the United States, long after the words “land of the free” were written on the back of a letter in Franklin Scott Key’s pocket, racial inequality is still a reality in our world today, even in our county of … Read More & Comment »

Graduating Ready for College: Racial Disparities

In continuation of our discussion of the new graduation and college readiness data from the New York State Department of Education, today we’d like to share an interactive map with you. If you’ve missed our previous posts, be sure to catch up on the conversation … Read More & Comment »

District Comparisons: Graduation and College Readiness Rates

Today we have two different infographics to share with you as we continue our discussion of the latest graduation and college readiness data from the New York State Department of Education. We’ve already discussed some of our findings in a previous blog post, but promised … Read More & Comment »

High School Graduation and College Readiness Rates for 2012-2013

The New York State Education Department just released High School Graduation and College Readiness Rates for the 2012-2013 school year. We’re still looking over the data to see what we can find (we think we’ll have quite a bit to write about!), … Read More & Comment »