Facts About Westchester Graduates

By now, many high school seniors across Westchester County have already donned the classic cap and gown. After a much-anticipated walk across the stage, they now have a high school diploma in hand. They have joined the ranks of Westchester graduates!

With graduation season behind us and the back to school season coming up soon, a primary focus here at Westchester Children’s Association is not so much on graduation, per se, but on whether our young people are ready for life. Readiness for adulthood certainly encompasses much more than academic preparation, yet a student’s ability to read, write, and perform basic math is a key contributor to their success in the workforce and in post-secondary education.

Westchester Graduates Infographic

With that in mind, today we’re sharing some statistics about graduation and college readiness rates in Westchester County. The Facts About Westchester Graduates infographic below shows what percentage of students made it to graduation in 2014, and how many of those graduates are actually ready for college or careers. All statistics pertain to Westchester County and are based on the New York State Education Department’s 2014 graduation rate data.

To see your school district’s graduation or college readiness rate, including whether the rates went up or down last year, check out the blog archives on graduation and college readiness. Our Raising the Bar on Academic Achievement infographic offers more information about the racial disparities in Westchester County’s education system, including what WCA and our partners are doing to address it.

Westchester graduates infographic

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