Understanding New York’s College and Career Readiness Rate

What is the College and Career Readiness Rate? Each year, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) releases information about the percentage of graduating seniors that are considered ready for college or careers. This statistic is informally referred to as the college and career … Read More & Comment »

Westchester Graduates infographic

Facts About Westchester Graduates

By now, many high school seniors across Westchester County have already donned the classic cap and gown. After a much-anticipated walk across the stage, they now have a high school diploma in hand. They have joined the ranks of Westchester graduates! … Read More & Comment »

Youth in Juvenile Correctional Facilities Experience Maltreatment

This report highlights the continued, and in many instances, increased prevalence of maltreatment experienced by youth residing in juvenile correctional facilities throughout the United States. While there is evidence of maltreatment in facilities across the country, certain states – including New York – were listed as repeated offenders. Read More & Comment »