Missed Our 2015 Data Webinar Series? Watch It Now

webinar series

Data is a hot topic nowadays. There’s widespread agreement that nonprofits and businesses alike should use data to guide their activities, decisions, and priorities.

But just because society “believes” in data doesn’t mean we’re comfortable with it. If you’ve ever felt intimidated, confused, or hesitant when it comes to data, we want to help you build your comfort and competency with data so you can take advantage of this powerful tool.

Using Data to Build Credibility and Engage Your Audience

Over the summer, Westchester Children’s Association hosted a three-part webinar series titled “Using Data to Build Credibility and Engage Your Audience.” We were so pleased to see a great turnout and to hear positive feedback from attendees about how much they learned.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re making this webinar series freely available to all of our followers! All we ask in return is for you to do one of two things:

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We want to express our thanks again to the Westchester Community Foundation and The John P. and Constance A. Curran Charitable Foundation for their support for this project.

Through the data webinar series, you’ll learn about these topics:

PART 1: Finding and Choosing Data That Matters

Learn how to identify the data that will have the maximum impact on your audience, including reliable sources for the data you want.


PART 2: Avoiding Data Traps

Don’t fall for misleading, unreliable, or distorted data. We’ll show you the ropes so you can avoid common data pitfalls.

PART 3: Visualizing Data

Get our best tips for transforming data into something approachable and appealing. Bonus: We’ll share the free online tools we use to present data effectively.