2015 Peekskill Community Snapshot

2015 Community Snapshots

[UPDATE:  We’ve updated our 2015 Community Snapshots to include 2015 ELA/Math Proficiency Data.  Download the updated version for Peekskill here.]

We’ve been thrilled to see all of the excitement and support surrounding the 2015 Community Snapshot series, and we’re looking forward to having ongoing conversations about what we can do to improve the environments that Westchester’s children are growing up in.

Today, we’re closing out our series with the final snapshot: Peekskill! If you’ve missed any of the other six snapshots, take a look: Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Ossining, Port Chester.

We encourage you to share the Community Snapshots with friends and coworkers who live in these communities. Becoming aware of the existing conditions is the first step in advocating for our county’s children!

2015 Peekskill Community Snapshot

As with last year’s Peekskill snapshot, we need to exercise greater caution with the Peekskill statistics in comparison to the other communities. You can read more about small sample size and margin of error, but the short story is that since Peekskill has a smaller population, its data points will have a larger margin of error. This doesn’t mean that the data is unreliable, just that we need to take it with a grain of salt and remember that these figures are simply the U.S. Census Bureau’s best estimates.

  • Out of the 2015 Community Snapshots, Peekskill has the highest percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunches at school (76%).
  • Because Peekskill is a smaller community with a smaller sample size (see above), the percentage of children living in each family type was not available.
  • Peekskill tied with Ossining for the lowest percentage of infants born to mothers who received no or delayed prenatal care (24%).
  • Compared to the other six communities featured in this series, Peekskill has the lowest walkability score (57 out of 100).

Download the 2015 Peekskill Community Snapshot and its accompanying data packet. Enjoy!

You can still download the older version of the 2015 Peekskill Community Snapshot and its accompanying data packet
Updated Peekskill 2015 Community Snapshot Updated Peekskill 2015 Community Snapshot