2015 Ossining Community Snapshot

2015 Community Snapshots

[UPDATE:  We’ve updated our 2015 Community Snapshots to include 2015 ELA/Math Proficiency Data.  Download the updated version for Ossining here.]

For our second annual Community Snapshot series, we invited our readers and supporters to join in the fun. In addition to the five cities featured in the inaugural 2014 series, we’re featuring two communities chosen by YOU!

Four of the largest school districts in Westchester were on the ballot. Over 50 people voted, with Ossining and Port Chester coming in strong as the winning communities. (Sorry, Mamaroneck and Bedford! Maybe you can join the Community Snapshots club next year…)

Unlike the five cities featured in the series (Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Peekskill), the boundaries of Ossining and Port Chester’s school districts do not perfectly line up with the municipal borders. Ossining Union Free School District includes the Village and Town of Ossining and parts of Briarcliff Manor, Yorktown, and New Castle. Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District includes Port Chester and part of Rye Brook.

Without further ado, here is the 2015 Ossining Community Snapshot!

2015 Ossining Community Snapshot

  • In the 2015 Ossining Community Snapshot, all numbers reflect the Ossining School District unless otherwise noted in the source. For example, the walkability score refers to the Village of Ossining, and the prenatal data refers to the Town of Ossining.
  • A large percentage of Ossining residents identifying themselves as “Other Race” (21%). This is likely due to the fact that on the American Community Survey, race and ethnicity are separate, independent categories. Some Hispanic residents may self-identify as white, while others may choose to identify themselves as “Other Race.”
  • At first glance, you might be alarmed by the academic proficiency rate of 0% for 8th grade Math . However, keep in mind that 2014 was the first year in which eighth graders in advanced math classes were allowed to opt out of the 8th grade exam and instead take the High School Math Regents exam.
  • The estimated median income for single fathers is $23,523. Nevertheless, the margin of error for this statistic is $20,758, which means that the actual median annual income could be anywhere between $2,765 and $44,281. Unfortunately, Ossining’s small population makes it nearly impossible to safely predict the real median income for single fathers.
  • [UPDATE] The proficiency rate for Grade 8 math went up fifteen percentage points, from 0% to 15%. Again, eighth graders who take advanced math can elect to opt out of the standard Grade 8 math exam and take the Regents test instead.  This factor most likely impacts the low Grade 8 proficiency rate. Two possible reasons for this increase could be 1) an actual improvement in performance district-wide or 2) an increase of eighth graders in advanced math electing to take the standard Grade 8 exam again.  If you can think of other reasons, feel free to comment below!

Download the 2015 Ossining Community Snapshot and its accompanying data set. Enjoy!

You can still download the older version of the 2015 Ossining Community Snapshot and its accompanying data packet
Updated Ossining 2015 Community Snapshot