2015 Community Snapshots – Now with 2015 ELA/Math Data

2015 Community Snapshots

Because we’re perfectionist control freaks that can’t leave well enough alone, we decided to release a NEW version of the Community Snapshots that incorporates the 2015 English Language Arts/Math data released by the New York State Education Department.

I suppose that this is our online admission that we are gluttons for punishment, but knowing that the 2015 ELA/Math proficiency data was out there was something we could not ignore.  We recognize that the Community Snapshots are often used to encourage conversations within the respective communities about the current state of Westchester’s children.  We also recognize that these conversations are richer when current data is at hand.  We’ve updated all the blog posts and pages to include links to the most recent version of the Community Snapshots.

Again, the communities featured in our Community Snapshot series are:

  1. Yonkers
  2. New Rochelle
  3. Mount Vernon
  4. White Plains
  5. Ossining 
  6. Port Chester
  7. Peekskill
  8. Westchester County

You can download the entire series of updated snapshots here.

Thanks so much!