Test Score Comparisons for Grades 3 and 8

Spring is coming. For most people, spring means trees and flowers and chirping birds [Ed. Bonus point for you if you immediately recognize the reference.]  For children in school, spring also means the impending arrival of state-mandated tests.

When the English Language Arts and Math test scores for New York came out last August, many people were shocked by the dramatic drop in pass rates for many schools across the state.   This drop was largely attributed to the decision to align test results with Common Core standards.

The varying shades of red in the map represent the percentage of third graders who met ELA proficiency levels.   However, if you click on a school district you’ll also see that we’ve charted the difference in Grades 3 and 8 ELA and Math Scores between the years 2012 and 2013.  Some school districts didn’t fare so badly.  Others dropped dramatically.

For those who love raw data, you can obtain the whole data set (which includes ALL school districts and schools in the state of New York).

You may also access the Google Fusion Table behind this map.