I love City Snapshots because….

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Flickr/Karen Eliot

All of us at Westchester Children’s Association have been thrilled by the response to our recently released City Snapshot series, which presents data on children in each of five Westchester cities. Each time we published one of these Snapshots, or featured them on our Facebook page, traffic to our Data Blog went through the roof! We thought, “Yay, we’ve found our audience and they are just as excited about data as we are!”

But then, we published the latest education data from New York State and our audience numbers hardly budged. What gives?

Can you help us understand what you liked so much about our City Snapshots? We figure if we understand what factors appeal to you, we will be able to make more of our data releases equally compelling.

Yonkers City Snapshot


If you like our City Snapshots, please leave us a comment and let us know why you like them and how you have used them.  Do you like the graphic design? The fact that we report a limited number of indicators? Have you printed them out? Emailed them to colleagues? Made them into paper airplanes? (just kidding!)

Our data blog and publications are only successful if we deliver data that you can and do use to understand what’s happening for children and youth in Westchester. Feedback eagerly sought and gratefully accepted!