3 Reasons to Vote at Tomorrow’s School Budget/Board Election


Flickr – alancleaver

We can’t put it plainly enough.  Please vote tomorrow at the School Board/Budget elections.  We’ve articulated three reasons why you should.

1) Your vote can influence your district’s educational priorities.

Very often, the School Budget Vote is your ONE CHANCE every year to directly influence local spending in your community. Cora Greenberg, our Executive Director, articulated why your vote matters on Medium. It’s worth checking out.

2) Voter turnout is historically quite low.

Despite that fact, twenty out of 39 Westchester School Districts had single digit participation rates. Ironically, White Plains, the county seat, had the lowest voter participation rate at 2.4%.  Wouldn’t you like to move the needle up a bit? You can click here to find out how your school district did last year.

3) An easy-to-access guide will help you make an informed vote.

The Journal News published an Election Guide providing information on each school district’s board candidates, budget, past spending, It’s a quick way to find out what’s going on before casting your vote (Just click on “Westchester” in the main menu to select your school district). The excuse “I don’t know enough to vote” might not hold water this time.

Convinced?  Find your polling place here. Then go vote tomorrow!