Why are WCA Calendars loved by generations?

WCA Engagement Calendar is Ready!

Days, weeks, months, years.  Appointments, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries.

WCA Calendars have been organizing schedules and recording lifetimes of memories of donors for over 90 years! Something about our unique calendars has attracted a loyal following since the 1930s.  Even when publication costs rose and WCA tried to discontinue printing them, donors and their families stepped in to make sure they could get their annual copies.

Much like WCA itself, our calendar has evolved over time.  Since our inception in 1914 when a group of concerned citizens gathered to improve the lives of vulnerable children, WCA looked for a way to engage the community in our advocacy.  Thus, the calendar was born!  WCA calendars were given to new mothers and community members who moved to Westchester as part of the “Welcome Wagon of Westchester” as a way to introduce them to our child advocacy while becoming part of their daily lives. Although this package no longer circulates, the connection to WCA calendars remains strong.

We reached out to long-standing WCA Calendar Patrons to better understand its appeal.  Many of them shared that the contents go beyond dates and daily remind

ers, but also represent lifetimes of memories and reflect a devotion to their families’ needs.

WCA would like to deeply thank all of our calendar patrons who have donated and received calendars for decades or even more recently.  You inspire us to see the big picture and remind us of how WCA is woven into the fabric of Westchester communities. Thank you for rewarding us with heartwarming stories and allowing us to be part of your lives.

We are especially grateful to the very special and very generous donor who has sponsored our calendars in recent years allowing most of the proceeds from donations to go to supporting our child advocacy work to ensure all of Westchester’s children are healthy, safe, and prepared for life’s challenges. Order your WCA Engagement Calendar today!