Top Ten City Snapshot Highlights

Who doesn’t love a good Top Ten List? As we wrap up our 2014 City Snapshots Series, we thought it would be fun to share our own Top Ten List of interesting highlights from the series. For most items, we’ve given both the highest and the lowest figure for that category.

As with previous posts in this series, remember that comparisons of “highest” and “lowest” are only referring to the five cities featured in the City Snapshots Series, not comparing statistics for all Westchester County municipalities.

City Snapshots

Haven’t seen all of the City Snapshots yet? Check them out now: Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Peekskill.

Without further ado, and in no particular order…

Top Ten City Snapshot Highlights

1. Suspension rate:

Yonkers had the highest suspension rate at 21%, while White Plains had the lowest at 3%.

2. Monthly housing costs

Renters dish out the least on housing in Mount Vernon (median: $1,147) and the most in White Plains ($1,361). Homeowners spend the least in Yonkers ($1,694) and the most in New Rochelle ($2,606).

3. Rent burden

Across the board, renters in all five cities experience rent burden. A little more than half of the cities’ renters spend more than 30% of their household’s income on rent.

4. Infant birth weight

White Plains had the lowest percentage of infants born underweight (8%), while Mount Vernon had the highest (13%).

5. Prenatal Care

Peekskill had the lowest percentage of infants who were born having received delayed or no prenatal care (24%), while Mount Vernon had the highest (40%).

6. Limited English proficiency

A greater percentage of students are designated as limited English proficient (LEP) in Peekskill than in the other five cities, while Mount Vernon and New Rochelle tie for the lowest percentage of LEP students (9%).

7. Child obesity

The city with the highest percentage of children who are obese or overweight is Peekskill (39%), while the lowest percentage is seen in Yonkers and White Plains (34%).

8. Free/reduced lunch rate

77% of Yonkers students receive free or reduced lunch, the largest percentage out of the five cities. In comparison, only 44% of students in New Rochelle receive free or reduced lunch, the smallest percentage.

9. Home language

Mount Vernon has the highest percentage of school-age children who speak English at home (75%), while in Yonkers only 55% do, the lowest percentage.

10. Unemployment

The greatest unemployment rate is seen in Mount Vernon (14%), while the lowest unemployment rate is found in White Plains (6%).

To download all of the City Snapshots in a single PDF file, click here.


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