Make your voice heard for kids in Tuesday’s elections

Participating in elections and being an informed voter is a key part of being an active citizen… kids need adults in their community who will speak up for them, take action for them, and vote with their needs in mind.” –Cora Greenberg, The Journal News

Throughout the fall electoral season, we have been working to bring issues that impact children and youth to the forefront with our Vote For Kids campaign. On Tuesday, the Governor of New York, all members of the New York State Senate and Assembly, and United States House of Representatives are up for election.

For the fourth consecutive year, we asked candidates to complete a survey that shares their opinions, ideas, and plans for supporting children and youth in Westchester if elected. This year, 73% of candidates responded to the survey including a 100% response rate from candidates for New York State Assembly and responses from all candidates for Governor except for Rob Astorino.

We wanted to know what specific actions candidates would take to address the quality and affordability of early childhood education, 16- and 17- year olds who commit crimes, the economic security of families living in poverty, and the availability of early childhood home visiting programs in Westchester. To read the full responses from candidates, check out this map of responses by district:

We also asked candidates to indicate their level of support for shifting financial resources to polices that provide support for children and families. Here is how they answered:

Graphic Design: Tara Framer

Graphic Design: Tara Framer

Graphic Design: Tara Framer

Graphic Design: Tara Framer

We’re excited to see broad backing for both spending and policies that help kids but we need to make sure that those leaders who will support children and youth are elected on Tuesday. As we move into the next legislative session, these survey results will also help us to hold the candidates who are elected accountable to their campaign promises.

Join us in voting for kids in the elections on Tuesday by choosing candidates who will prioritize Westchester’s children.

 P.S. Don’t know your polling place or if you are registered to vote? Find out here

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