Allison has a new Medium Blog!

Allison Lake is sharing her thoughts and experiences as WCA’s new executive director through her new medium blog called Consider Kids. Be on the lookout for Allison’s medium blog posts as she continues to advocate on behalf of Westchester’s children. CLICK HERE TO READ ALLISON’S FIRST POST!

Here is a teaser:

I have a lot of history with this organization. I know where the bones are buried. But the view is different from the corner office. The 9 to 5 day is no longer mine. Plans, schedules, and commitments are made for me now. There are many more to dos, requests, questions, and concerns. The phone calls and emails are different because the final decisions are mine. I catch myself thinking, “I’ll just run this by Cora,” my predecessor, only to recall that I’m the new ED and she is off somewhere buying tiles for her kitchen or doing some other fun, retiree thing.