2014 Graduation and College Readiness Rates

Surprise! The New York State Department of Education has released the latest graduation and college readiness rate data nearly six months earlier than we expected! We almost didn’t believe our eyes, but we’re looking forward to exploring how Westchester’s senior class fared in 2013-2014.

First up is a comparison of this year’s graduation and college readiness stats. Stick around though, because we’ll be comparing each district’s rates from the past 5 years to see how they have been doing over time.

Overall, 85% of Westchester’s students who started high school in 2010 graduated by June of 2014 (about the same as last year). Sadly, however, less than half – 48% – of these graduates were actually ready for college when it comes to English and Mathematics.

Briarcliff Manor had the highest graduation rate (100%), while Mount Vernon had the lowest at 48%. Chappaqua had the highest percentage of graduating seniors who were ready for college (88%), yet Mount Vernon’s college readiness rate was the lowest at 4%.