What Does Your Candidate Think About Kids?

Will You Vote for Kids?

Each election, our Vote for Kids initiative surveys candidates on their opinions regarding issues affecting Westchester’s children and youth. This year, we chose to ask the candidates one question:

What are your priorities regarding children and teens in Westchester, and what specific county policies, programs or investments will you support, if elected, to address these priorities?

Westchester Children’s Association does not support or oppose any candidate for public office.

Candidate Survey Responses (Click image to view on desktop)

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Are you an informed voter? Do your candidates prioritize kids? Find out: http://bit.ly/2016vfksurvey via @wca4kids #VoteforKids

Know who will prioritize funding for #HomeVisiting programs? Find out: http://bit.ly/2016vfksurvey via @wca4kids #VoteforKids


Being an informed voter is an essential part of being an engaged advocate. If you want to advocate for youth and families, make sure you know where candidates stand on the issues affecting them. @WCA4Kids Candidate Survey can help you decide! http://bit.ly/2016vfksurvey Make sure you #VoteforKids on November 7th!

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  1. I am voting for George as I have witnessed first hand the effects of the cuts which Rob has implemented and their devastating effects.

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