Centennial Campaign Donor List


Please find the full report here.

We are so grateful to all of our Centennial Campaign Donors. Everyone on the list below contributed to the extraordinary success of WCA’s Campaign by making generous donations and/or attending WCA events.

[ezcol_1third]A Broader Way Foundation
Abbott House
Rita Aber
Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill
Laura Achkar
Peter Acker
Joseph and Deborah Ades
Daniel and Sally Malin Adler
Ellen and Steve Adnopoz
Scott Afran
African American Men of Westchester, Inc.
Eric Aiello
Steven Aiello
Helene Aiello
George and Leslie Akst
Alamar Pinting
Dana Albert
Eric and Elizabeth Alderman
Stephen and Catherine Alexander
David and Fran Alexander
Alleva & Alleva
Alys Sinclair Carreau Memorial Fund
Amazon Smile
American Academy Of Pediatrics, New York Chapter III
American Lung Association of New York
Frank and Jeanie Amodio
Joanne Amorosi and Martin Ketels
Diane Anderson
Kimberly Andron
Andrus Children’s Center
Cecelia Andujar-Newkirk
Robert and Julia Anello
Farrin Anello
Anne Anastasi Charitable Foundation
Anonymous (3)
Amy Ansehl
Ellen Anthonisen
Antioch Baptist Church
Edward and Susan Apuzzo
Arc of Westchester Foundation
Jim and Marti Arden
Ardsley Partners
Luigi Arena and Danielle Laraque-Arena
Mary Armstrong
Sheila Arnold
Sara Arnon
Margery Arsham
David Ashe
Robert and Judy Asher
E. Nelson Asiel
Paul and Elizabeth Aubry
Benjamin Austin and Elisabeth Stock
Joy and Avi Avidan
AXA Foundation
Blythe Bacci
Frederick Bailly and Ann Lowery
Simon and Bobbi Baker
Elisabeth Baker
Rose Baker
Roger Baneman and Margaret Stillman
Phyllis Bangser
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Allen and Nan Banks
Susan Barak
Richard and Jen Barber
Barhite & Holzinger, Inc.
Stuart Barish and Judy Bernstein
Bill Barnes
Eddie Mae Barnes
Alvin Barnett
Robert and Tracy Baron
Jessie Barsin
Mayo and Judy Bartlett
Tamar Bauer
Caroline Bauman
Jeff and Lee Baynon
Ellie Becker and Norman Parton
Bedford CSD
Andrew Bell
Anne Belmont
Edwin Beltran
Howard and Grace Benedikt
Betty Benjamin
Natasha Benkovich
Jonathan and Jennifer Bennis
Janet Benton
Sasha Berger
Barry and Susan Berger
Robert and Elinore Berlin
Catalina Berti
Dee Bertine
Jenny Besch
Eric and Maria Bietsch
Ruth Biggs
Stanley and Ruth Biloon
Carolyn Black
Helen Blackwood
Linda Bloch
Elizabeth Block
Robert and Susan Blumenthal
Karen Blumenthal
Blythedale Children’s Hospital
Lyndall Boal
BOCES of Southern Westchester
Bodnar & Milone LLP
Chelsea Bodnar
Peter Bodnar
Linda Bohan
Adrianne Bonifacio
Scott and Elissa Bookner
Catherine Borgia
Children’s and Women’s Physicians of Westchester, LLP
Jacqueline Boucher
Jane Boutet
Benjamin and Cassandra Boykin
Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester
Joan Bradley
Corinne Brady
Cheryl Brannan
John and Lois Bregstein
Wendy Breitner and Kenneth Kirshenbaum
Brendler and Simms Properties, LLC
Stephen and Nancy Brenner
Linda Breton
Briarcliff Congregational Church
The Briarcliff Congregational Church
Lois and Charles Bronz
Paul Bronzo
Katharine Brown Grala
Renee Brown
Sharon Brown
Susan Brown
Joshua and Heather Brumberg
Frank and Dotty Bruni
Larry and Joan Budish
Ted and Helen Buerger
Donna Burr
Melvin Burruss
Business Council of Westchester
Julie Buyon
Mary Kate Cabaleiro
Limarie Cabrera and Christopher Missett
Susan Cacace
Deborah Campbell
Judith Campbell
Ralph Candela
Norman and Alyce Cannon
Canon Solutions America
Susan Capeci
Gene and Doris Capello
Patricia Cappelletti
Cardinal McCloskey Services
Fred and Jean Carleton
Linda Carlson
Barbara Carr
Jenean Castillo
Gisele Castro
Frank Catalina
Lisa Catucci
William Cavanagh and Ricki Fisher
Donald and Jane Cecil
Allison Chader
Ron and Carole Chaimowitz
Anne Chaltain
Susan Arterian and Eugene Chang
Jason and Christina Chapin
Andy and Karen Chapro
Daphne Charles-Martin
Anne Chianese
Child Care Council of Westchester
Children’s Defense Fund
Children’s Village
Carmen Chinea
William and Janet Churchill
Robbin Churchill
Domenick and Susann Ciaccia
John and Holly Cicero
Jean Anne Cipolla
Edward Ciprian
John and Morna Cirillo
Citizens’ Committee for Children
City of White Plains
City of Yonkers
City School District of New Rochelle
City School District of White Plains
David Clain
Peter and Barbara Clapman
Debbie Clark
Eloise Clark
Ann Clarke
Clear View School
James and Susan Clifford
Chris and Maggie Clouet
Cluster Community Services, Inc.
Bob Cohen
Jerome Cohen
Steven and Andrea Cohen
Diana Cohen
Karen and David Cole
William and Denise Coleman
Martha Conforti
Denise Connolly-Hoyt
Deb and Tim Connors
Frederic and Sara Cook
Charles and Debbie Cooks
Cornell University/Blumenthal Internship
Joan Cornellier-Travers
Sally Cory
Betty Cotton
Susan Coupey
Kirsten Coveney-Clark
Maurice and Earlene Cox
Shawn Cribari
Robert Cristofaro and John Nelson, Jr.
Julie Crocker
Barbara Croft
Brenda Crump
Patrice Cuddy
Miriam Curnin
Chris Curran
John and Constance Curran
Stuart and Lila d’Adolf
Mary D’Amico
Karen D’Attore
Greg Daugherty and Sheila Smith
Vickram David
Kathie Davidson
Stephen and Lisa Davis
Kathryn Davis
Willow and Phoebe Davis
Ann Davison
Alice Dean
Robert Delaat
Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Inc.
Diane Bertine Interiors
Ernest and Jeanette Dicker
Sheryl Dicker and Norman Stein
Janet DiFiore
John and Marilyn Dimling
Theresa DiNapoli
Sarina DiStefano
Barbara Docotr
Suzanne Doll
Geoff Domm and Nancie Ellis
DoubleTree by Hilton
Douglas Gould and Company
Judith Douglas
Edmund Drake and Suzanne Willis
Catherine Draper and Michael Clain
Nancy Druskin
Carol Dubiel
Thea Dubow
Opal Dunstan
Robert D’Urso and Lindsay Whitcomb
Eric and Amy Echelman
Holly Edelstein
Edith Carpenter Macy Memorial Trust
The Edith Glick Shoolman Children’s Foundation
Mark and Lisa Edmiston
Rebecca Edwards
Aro Edwers
Bob and Lauren Eicher
Eileen Fisher, Inc.
Mera Eisen
Kendra Ekelund
Michael Elia
The Elias Foundation
Helen Elias
Margot Elkin
Milton Ellenbogen and Sandra Parrott
Richard and MaryAnn Ellenbogen
Ida Lee Elliott
Linda Ellis
Laura Elmore
Cathy Elser
Ziporah Elstein
John Erenwein
Peter Eschweiler
Rob and Sue Etre
Executive Association
Monte and Jacqueline Ezratty
John and Marcy Fabiani
Leroy and Edna Fadem
Family Services of Westchester
Family Ties of Westchester, Inc.
Eileen Farbman
Ellen Farrar
Ronald and Pat Fatato
John and Emalie Feerick
Dave Fein
William and Alexandra Feldman
Ian and Carol Feldman
Stephen and Lois Fendler
Albert Fenner
Joanne Ferrara
Howard Fertig
Ivan Ffriend and Carol Magett
Jed Fierberg
Dorothea Filippone
Barbara Finkelstein
Richard and Debbie Finn
Vincenzo Lippiello and Melissa Fiore Lippiello
First Step Services
Karen Fischer
Timothy and Nancy Fisher
Jan Fisher
Mary Beth Fisher
David Flagg and Jennifer Mebes Flagg
Justine Flanagan
Alan and Linda Fleischman
Nancy Fletcher
Maria Flores
Megan Flynn
Renee Fogarty
Food Bank for Westchester
Myrna Forney and Michael Boatmen
Mary Foster
Four Winds Hospital
Fowey Light Fund, Inc.
Shirley Fox Scholder
Tara Framer
Paul Francis and Titia Hulst
Evelyn Frankford
Abbe Franklin
Blaise and Kathleen Fredella
Harold and Arti Freeman
Kenneth and Laurie Freeman
Angela Freeman
Stephen and Helen Freidus
Nancy Frieden
Michael Friedman
Doris Friedman
Friends of the White Plains Youth Bureau
The Frog Rock Foundation
Lola Froman
Rosalie Halsey Frost
Marlene Furtick
Mary Gadomski
Lillie Galan
John and Frances Galloway
Max Ganem
The Gant Family Foundation
Austin and Cheryl Ganz
Michael and Liana Davila Garcia
Traci Gardner
Rosetta Geber
Rachelle Gebler
David and Susan Geisker
Richard Geist
George Yankwitt and Mary Chang
Cindy George
Kira Geraci-Ciardullo
Michael and Judy Gewitz
John and Marissa Giacobbe
John and Mary Ann Giacobbe
Vincent and Sally Gianatasio
Mike and Cynthia Gibbons
Philip and Jane Giles
David and Karen Gilliatt
Marjorie Gillie
The Gimprich Family Foundation
Michael and Clorissa Gioscia
Jeanette Gisbert
Susan Gitlitz-Tucker
Bradley and Sunny Goldberg
Irwin and Geraldine Goldberg
Carol Goldberg
The Goldie-Anna Charitable Trust
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
Alvin and Phyllis Goldman
Joel Brill and Amy Goldman
Anthony Goldsmith
Donald Goldsmith
Elizabeth Goldsmith
Joan Goodman
James and Judy Goodrich
Bruce and Maddie Gordon
Karen Gordon
Mary Beth Gose
David Gould and Laura Lustbader
Douglas and Stephanie Gould
Marlene Gouraige
Anita Granberg
Jennifer Granger
Adrea Grant[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Marcy Gray
Norman Green
Allen and Jody Greenbaum
Naomi Greenbaum
Cora Greenberg and Daniel Bayer
Ned Greenberg and Linda Ury Greenberg
Greenburgh Northcastle UFSD
Greenburgh Taxi
Hal and Sheila Greenwald
Greenwich Hospital
Helen Greer
Joy Grenci
Chase Griffith
Carey Gross
Mara Gross
Andrew Gross
Ben and Diane Gross
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
Marian and Joseph Gryzlo
The Guidance Center
Andrew Gutterman and Margot Rubenstein
David Gutterman and Romaine Orthwein
Larry and Phyllis Gutterman
Janet and Gerald Gutterman
Joel and Cynthia Haber
Kathleen Halas
Clyde and Ann Hamilton
Candice and Jeffrey Torres Hamilton
Claire Hamilton
William Hanauer
Anthony Hannigan and Ellen Baxter
Carol Hardesty
Harding Foundation
Andrea Harewood
Elaine Harman
Anne Harmon
David Harris
Conrad and Lottie Harris
Mark Harrison
Audrey Harrison
Joseph Hart
Michael and Virginia Hartmere
Eve Hausler
Aubrey and Sylvia Hawes
Howard and Tenley-Ann Hawkins
Carla Hawryluk
Henry and Louise Hayes
Douglas and Mary Hearle
Harriet Heineman
Kathryn Heineman
Michael and Michele Heller
Peter Heller and Tara Harper
Lynn and Ron Helmer
Eric Hemel and Barbara Morgen
Herman Goldman Foundation
Ted Herman
Peter and Karen Herrero
Marie Herrero
Joanne Hersh
Elliott and Susan Hershman
Peter Hess and Debbie Kenyon
Maurine Hess
Laila Hietala
June Higgons
Jessica Hill
Linda Hillman Bresler
Margaret Hinman
Michael Hirsch
Ellette Hirschorn
Monica Hobson
Lisina Hoch
Patrick and Deloris Hogan
Robert and Katherine Hogan
Elizabeth and Tom Hollahan
Robert and Barbara Holland
William Holloran, Jr.
Mia Homan
Martin and Joanne Homlish
Christopher and Eavan Hooke
Peter Hoppenfeld and Caren Sacks-Hoppenfeld
Jenna Horowitz
Allan Houston
Fredricka Hreyo
Sarah Hreyo
Hudson Center For Health Equity & Quality
Hudson River Healthcare
Marjory Hughes and William Lee Johnson
Wayne Humphrey
Cheryl Hunter-Grant
Maurice and Cassandra Hyacinthe
Phyllis Hyacinthe
Jennifer Innes
Hilton Irizarry
David and Jacqueline Irwin
James and Gail Isenberg
Henry Issenberg
Jay and Lois Izes
Peter Jackson
William and Anne Jacobi
Bernadine Jacobs
Patricia Jacobs
Simon and Nita Jacobson
Lisa Jacobson
James and Laura Jaffe
Anne Janiak
Terri Jasen
Paul and Barbara Jenkel
Ellen and David Freeman
Jill Singer Graphics
The John P. and Constance A. Curran Foundation
Brooke Johnson
Rhonda Jones
Alice Joselow
Joseph & Sophia Abeles Foundation
Lisa Kahn and David Kriegel
Susan Kaminski
Nancy Kaplan-Flaum
Michael Kaplowitz
Mary Jane Karger
David Katz and Cecilia Absher
David and Judy Katz
Gary and Leslye Katz
Ronald and Lisa Katz
Steve Katz
David Kaufman and Dorothy King
Glen and Lori Greifer Kaufman
James Kaufman and Carol Fitzpatrick
John and Kathryn Kaufman
John and Ann Kaufman
Susan Kaufman
Joel and Iris Kazin
Patricia Keegan
Karen Kelley
Meg Kelley
Jo Kellman
Regina Kelly
Marsha Kemp
Florence Kennedy
Josephine Kenney
Polly Kerrigan
Alisa Kesten
Alison Kibrick
Patricia Killeen
Theresa Kilman
Janet King
Basia Kinglake
Kathy Kingston
Terry Kirchner
Dave and Jan Kittay
Karen Klein
Phil and Margaret Klein
Kattya Koenigsberg
Jeremy Kohomban
Patricia Kosinski
Mark Kramer
Frederick and Fredda Kramer
Maris and Jesse Krasnow
Robert and Helen Krasnow
Herbert and Deborah Krasnow
Dennis and Eleanor Krolian
Robert Kuhn
Thomas Kyle and Kim Taylor
Portia Kyle
Tomantha Kyle
Gary Lacy
Sara-Jo LaForge
Joel Laitman and Annette Rotter
Allison and Terrence Lake
Lakeland of Shrub Oak SD
Maggi Landau
Linda and Paul Landesman
Janice Landrum
Stanley Lane and Norma Dreyfus
Westchester Family Care, Inc.
Tim and Nina Lannan
Patricia Lanza
Lawrence and Patricia Larson
Matthew Lattimer
Kenneth Lau
Robert and Robin Laufer
Susan LeCointe
Lederman and Lederman, LLP
Christopher Lee
Karyn Lee
Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
Rochelle Leiber-Miller
Mimi and Jules Leibman
Susan Lenseth
Andrew Fredman and Susan Leon
Jay Lerman
Lerner & Sipkin, CPAs, LLP
Jay and Andrea Lerner
Sara and Andrew Levine
Eric Levine and Terri Simon
Marty and Teri Levine
Janet Levy
Romina and Jerry Levy
Lexington Center For Recovery
Lexie Leyman
Helena Librett
Betsy and Lowell Lifschultz
Laura Lilienfield
Lillian F. Reynolds Youth Development Partners, Inc.
Irene Lindeman
Daniel and Lindy Lipka
Barbara Lippe
Arthur and Anni Lipper
Charles Lipson
John and Barbara Little
Katherine Lobach and Richard Kaufman
Mary Loeffler and William Marcotte
Michael and Kate Lombardi
Andrew Loose and Jill Garland
Joan Lord
Lower Hudson Valley Perinatal Network
Virginia Lowery
Martha Lowery
Stephen and Nita Lowey
Jay and Judy Lupin
Corine Lurry
George Lusk
Paul Lutvak and Andrea Kretchmer
Gwen Lymon
Dolly Maass
Patricia Mackin
Madison Square Garden
Richard Magill and Sheree Krigsman
Maier Markey & Justic, LLP
Janet Malone
Patrick and Jennifer Maloney
John and Jan Maltby
Linda Mancia
Paul and Joy Mandel
Karen Mandel
Jim and Jacqueline Mann
John and Denise Mara
March of Dimes
March of Dimes Foundation
Danielle Marchione
Myron and Anlee Marcus
Joanne Marcus
Margaret S. Pape Memorial Fund
Marlene Marinaccio
Mariner Investment Group, Inc.
Joan Mark
Elizabeth Mark
Judd and Harriet Marmon
Margarita Marriaga
Catherine Marsh
Tanya Martinez
The Maryknoll Group, LLC
Laura Massiah
Dorne Massiah
Valerie Materne
Diana Mattson
Aufrey May
Martha McCardell
McClellan Sotheby’s International Realty
Stephan McDermott
Michael and Elvira McEnroe
Bonnie McEwan
Maria McGinty
Paul and Patty McGoldrick
Kevin and Kathleen McGrath
Kevin McGuire
Jane McIlwaine
Fraser McKee
John and Diane McKiernan
Kerry Megley
Barbara Meier
Bruce Meighan and Amy Brelia
Robin Melen
Mental Health Association of Westchester
Jessica Mercer
David and Michelle Merer
Alden and Alida Mesrop
William and Lynn Meyers
Stephen and Regina Mignogna
Howard Milbert
Norm and Vivian Milefsky
The Milestone School
Charles and Mary Miller
Daniel Miller
Phillip and Cheryl Miller
Susan Miller
Lucy Miller
Toby Miller
Sydny Miner
Empress Ambulance
Mark and Judith Minter
Alan and Alice Model
Jane Molner
Norman Moltar
Erin Monahan
Rosa Montemarano
Anna Moore
Dorothy Moore
Gwyneth Moore
Linda Morey
Candace Morris
Ellen Mosher
Bill and Kathleen Moss
Mt. Vernon City School District
Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Health Center
Frank and Louise De Vel Muller
Luis Muniz
Stephan Murphy and Cassandra Anderson
Joe and Camille Murphy
Carolyn Murphy
Larry Murray
MVP Health Plan, Inc.
My Sisters’ Place
Judith Myers
NAACP Mt. Vernon
Marcia Nackenson and Bruce Turkle
Michael and Kimberly Naclerio
Steven and Denise Napoli
Muriel Nash
Wendy Nashid-Jackson
Susan Nathenson
Maureen and JP Natkin
NB Capital, Inc.
Margaret Nemeth
Nepperhan Community Center
Lou Nestor
Saundra Neubardt
David and Beverly Neufeld
New Kalman Sunshine Fund, Inc.
Barney and Carrie Newman
Herbert Newman
Susan Newman
Newmark & Company Real Estate, Inc.
Peggy Nicholson
Night Owl Capital Management, LLC
Carolyn Noble
John Nonna
Nonprofit Association of Westchester Inc.
Kerron Norman
North American Family Institute
Ted and Nancy Nygreen
Thomas and Virginia O’Brien
Shannon O’Brien
William and Patricia O’Connor
Carol Odnoha
Elizabeth Ogden
Ron and Eileen Oleet
Margaret Olson
Open Door Family Medical Center
Steven and Lucille Oppenheim
Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
John and Jeanne Orefice
Larry and Margie Orell
Richard Organisciak
Christopher Orlando
Michael Orth
James and Julie O’Shea
Sy and Carole Oshinsky
Ossining UFSD
Ellen Oster
Steven Otis
P. W. of the Irvington Presbyterian Church
Armand Paganelli
Judi Page-Melagrano
Pajama Program
Joseph and Mary Pampel
Carmen Paolercio
Paraco Gas and the Armentano Family
George Parambil
Leoni Parker
Polly Parker
Paige Parks
John Parsinnen
Joseph and Patricia Pastore
Shawyn Patterson Howard
Alison Paul
Amy Paulin And Ira Schuman
Ed and Wendy Pavelle
Pediatric Ophthalmology of New York, PC
Pediatrics of Sleepy Hollow
Peekskill City School District
Andy and Luisa Pelosi
PepsiCo Foundation Employee Giving
Craig Peretz
Lourdes Perez-Berkeley
John and Bettye Perkins
Francine Perretta[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Mark and Regina Petrillo
Guy Petrillo and Lea Barth
Elizabeth Pforzheimer
Christian Philemon
The Philip and Lynn Straus Foundation, Inc.
Ann Phillips
The Pilzer Family Foundation
Aldo and Rosemarie Pinotti
Aldo and Rachel Pinotti
Vito and Stella Pinto
Clare Piro
Joe and Mary Piscina
Genevieve Piturro and Demo DiMartile
Jean and Jacqueline Plumez
Pocantico Hills CSD
Matthew and Rosa Polenzani
James and Deborah Pollowitz
Harry Pomeranz and Theresa Horvath
David and Libbie Poppick
Port Chester Carver Center
Seth and Linda Potash
Andrew and Andrea Potash
Aristedes and Frances Poulos
Amy Price
Hugh and Marilyn Price
Project Morry
Sheralyn Pulver
Laura Purcell
Purchase Children’s Center, Inc.
Alexander Quinn and Robyn Wild
Susan Rade
David and Jeanne Radvany
The Raffiani Family Foundation
Tory Ragsdale
Gary and Deborah Raizes
Sal Rajput
John Ramsdell
Amy Sokal
Edward Reda
Jim and Nancy Reddington
Monifa Reese
Robyn Reeves
Michael and Lynn Reichgott
Gwynne Reiley
Lawrence and Sally Reiner
Mark Resonblatt and Sarah Stern
Mitchell Reuben and Susan Meister Reuben
Denise Ricardo
June Richey
Robert and Deborah Richter
Jessica Rieder
Steven and Judith Rieger
Merritt Ringer
Marisol Rivera-Thurman
Brian Roberti
Tanya Roberts-Tolbert
Carol Robinson
Robison Oil
Marty and Toby Rogowsky
Stephen Rogowsky and Valerie Salwen
Christine Rohantskyj
Alexander Roithmayr
The Rollins Agency
Vivian Rooks
Michael and Joann Rooney
Rosalthea M. Judd Charitable Trust
Alessandra Rose
Ira Rosen and Iris Schneider
Fred Rosenberg and Mary Louise Cox
Albert Rosenfeld
Eric and Fran Rosenfeld
Alice Rosenfeld
Rosol Agency, Inc.
Jody Ross and G. P. Avvocato
Lisa Rossi
Marie Rossi
Elizabeth Rostermundt
Marty and Linda Rotberg
James and Gail Roth
Mathilde Rothwell
Seymour and Rita Rotter
Eloise Rouse
Helen Rubel and Neal Allen
Martin Rubenstein
Nancy Rubin
Guadalupe Rubin
Nancy Rubini
Dawn Rush
Susie Rush
Tom Ruskin and Donna Vitale-Ruskin
Sylvia Russakoff
Lutonya Russell-Humes and Whitley Humes
Kevin Ryan and Valerie Kibrick Ryan
Lee Rudd Ryan
Jennifer Sabella
Samira Saei
Stefano Safaei
Emma Lou Sailors
Janet Saint Germain
Barbara Salmanson
Arthur and Rebecca Samberg
Mark Sameth
Sam’s of Gedney Way
Leonard and Ann Sand
Irene Sandford
Paul and Paula Santa-Donato
Eileen Santiago
Hudson Health Plan
Sarah Lawrence Health Advocacy Program
Hershel Sarbin
Daniel and Emily Satin
Arthur and Harriet Savage
John Savage
John and Gae Savino
Michelle Schauer
Merryl Schechtman
Susan Schefflein
Lisa Schieffelin
Kenneth and Marcia Schiffer
Paul Schiller
Peggy Schilling
Robin Schlaff
S. Kenneth and Catherine Schonberg
Jennifer Schrader and Friends
David and Rebecca Schroedel
Daniel and Jennifer Schultz
Rina Schunk
Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy
Teri Schwartzman
Barbara Schwarz
Joan Scott
Linda Scott
Scribe Reporting and Legal Copying
David and Lorraine Seicol
Deborah Seidenberg
Joan Seipel
Eugene and Susan Sekulow
Mark and Kami Seligman
Jesse Seligson
Linda Seligson
Jay and Patricia Selman
Phillipa Seltzer
Warren and Thelma Serenbetz
The Sexauer Foundation
MaryLou Sgro
Surendra Shah and Alice DeNormandie
Edith Shapiro and Sol Stein
Matt Shelley
Joanne Sheperd
Stan and Ruth Sheppard
Therese Sheridan
Amy Shimberg
Mary Jane Shimsky
Shmerler Foundation Inc.
William and Susan Shmerler
Charles and Elizabeth Shook
Adie Shore
William and Laurette Shrage
Elizabeth Shute
David Schwartz
Hyman and Shirley Shwiel
Gail Sider
Patricia Siebecker
Alice Silton
Gloria Silverberg-Falk
Jerry Silverman and Lynne Hoffman
Don Simmons
Ann Rose Simon
Norma Simon
Susan Simon
Sandra Simpson
Lewis Singer
Sanjay Singh
Sandra Singh
Patricia McDermott Sinnott
Sister To Sister International, Inc.
Brian and Jean Skanes
Mary Sklenar
Michael Sloam
Robert and Catherine Small
Ronald Smalls
Susie Smidinger Brown
Alexander Smith
Malcolm and Betty Smith
Brenda Smith
Doris-Patt Smith
Suzanne Smith
Eric and Lynn Sobel
Merril and Hope Sobie
Tom and Catherine Sobolik
Donna Soldwedel
Joe and Joan Solimine
Hope Solinger
Sue and Seth Solomon
Sound Shore Medical Center
Michael Spano
Spencer-Adams, Inc.
Randy Sperber and Jill Schreibman Sperber
Cliff Sperber and Susan Orand
Ian and Daisy Spier
John Spilsbury
Anne Vaughan Spilsbury
Paul and Ann Spindel
Ellen Spitzer
Allison Stabile
Sloane Stecker
Peggy Steers
David and Ruth Stein
Kenneth and Nancy Stein
Francine Stein
Connie Steinberg
Wally and Betsy Stern
Angela Stevens
Margaret Stevenson
Don and Margo Stever
Betsy and John Steward
James Stewart
Dean Stiffle and Jackie Hilly
Evelyn Stock
Pamela Dwyer Stockton
Kathleen Stoddart-Drucker
Stop & Shop NY Metro
Claudett Stothart
Lynn Straus
Strauss Paper Co.
Sabin and Beverly Streeter
Judith Strohm
Strypemonde Foundation
Student Advocacy, Inc.
Student Assistance Services Corp.
Carl and Nina Sturmer
Vanessa Sukra
Patrick and Karen Sullivan
Anne Sweazey
Alana Sweeny
Richard Swierat
David Swope
Cherry Swords
Diane Tabakman
Stewart and Emily Tabin
Emily Tait
David and Marilyn Tawfik
Cathy Taylor
Rosa Taylor
Matthew Teich
Oren Teicher and Alison Greene
Gail Telerico
The Thomas & William Gilbane Foundation
Thomas Edison Community School
Thomas H. Slater Center
Samme and Janet Thompson
Barbara Thompson
Beth Thompson
Ruth Thornton
Gertie Tippitt
Richard and Joan S. Toder
Sara Tolchin
Les and Susan Tolchin
Patricia Tompkins
Anne Torell
Tow Foundation, Inc.
Towercare Technologies, Inc.
Robert and Marie Tracy
William and Michelle Trataros
Dorothy Trice
Nora Tulchin
Stephen Ucko
Anthony and Gladys Ullmann
Wendy Ulloa-Diaz
Keith Umemoto
Steve Umemoto
Teruko Umemoto
Ann Umemoto and Richard Younge
Eme Unanaowo
United Way of Westchester and Putnam
Adine Ray Usher
Drusilla van Hengel
Marjorie Varrichio
Aldina Vazao-Kennedy
Alexis and Lou Ventre
Verizon Foundation
Francine Vernon
Maryam Vernon-Kalantari
Anthony and Margaret Veziris
Village Of Port Chester
Visiting Nurse Services of New York
Visiting Nurse Services of Westchester
Tom and Marcy Vogel
Voices for America’s Children
Toni Volchok
Barbara Waesche
Stephen and Susan Wagner
Lucy Waletzky
Walison Corporation
Diana Walker Steers
Bill and Janet Walker
Helen Wall
Bruno and Kathie Walmsley and Kathie O’Callaghan
Gretchen Walsh
Katherine Waluschka
Frederick Wang and Anne Meltzer
Jonathan and Nancy Warner
Allaire Warner
Elizabeth Warner
Janet Warwick
Michael Washburn and Nancy Carmichael
Terrell and Linda Waters
Richard and Charlotte Watt
Roberta Weber
Robert Wechsler and Emily Aber
Wendy Weiner
Seymour and Kate Weingarten
Ron and Ellen Weinstein
Danielle Weisberg
Yolanda Weisenberger
Miki Weiss
Jay Weissbrot
Adrienne Weiss-Harrison and Andrew Harrison
Shelley Weitz
Theodore Welch and Susan Brenner
Sheree Wen
Lucille Werlinich
Terrell West
Westchester County Youth Bureau
The Westchester Bank
Westchester Community College
Westchester Community College Foundation
Westchester Community Foundation
Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health
Westchester County Department of Social Services
Westchester County Probation
Westchester East Putnam Region PTA
Westchester Eye Associates
Westchester Institute for Human Development
Westchester Jewish Community Services
Westchester Putnam School Board Association
Westchester Toyota Scion
Sonia Whelan
White Plains Housing Authority
White Plains Youth Bureau
Jo Ann White
Lisa White
Patricia White
Budd Wiesenberg and Alice Tenney
Annette Wilcox
Anita Wilenkin
Alfreda Williams
City of White Plains
Roger Williams
Barbara Williams
Estelle Williams
Jean Williamson
Pam Willrodt
June Wingebach
Carol Wishart
Ellen Witzling Roff
Alan and Barbara Wolfert
Nicholas and Aileen Wolff
Norbert and Claudia Wolloch
Women of Reform Judaism at Westchester Reform Temple
The Women’s Club of White Plains Foundation
Women’s Research and Education Fund
Zeldia Woodard
Constance Worcester
David and Anna Wright
Rhonda Yacker
Saul M. Yanofsky
Roger and Martha Yergeau
Sarah Yergeau
Yonkers Board of Education
Yonkers Community Action Program, Inc.
Yonkers Residential Center, Inc.
Dianne Young
Laurette Young
Youth Shelter Program of Westchester
Susan Yun
YWCA of White Plains & Central Westchester
Marlene Zarfes
Judy Zendell
Madeline Zevon
Simon and Hope Ziff
Lester and Marjorie Zimmerman
Zink Software
Neil and Beth Zolkind
Arthur and Connie Zuckerman[/ezcol_1third_end]