WCA eBulletin #20: Campaign for Kids (CFK) Asks for NEW Mental Health Funding in 2022 County Budget

The pandemic and unrest in the nation over the past 20 months has caused students to face an unprecedented amount of stress in their young lives, which can lead to:

  • Feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Academic loss and worry
  • Grief
  • Isolation and fear
  • Race and identity-related trauma

Results from WCA’s May 2020 Remote Learning Survey just began to hint at the social and emotional supports all students would need to heal. Unfortunately,  it has always been difficult to find affordable, culturally competent, and language-accessible, mental health services for children with or without health insurance.

Did you know?

WCA’s 2021 Mental Health Round Table hosted by Morgan Stanley had over 20 practitioners around our real and virtual tables to share their concerns and expertise. Follow-up conversations with Commissioner Orth of Department of Community Mental Health, Director Harris-Madden of the County Youth Bureau, and clinicians all support CFK’s 2022 ask for an additional $100,000 in NEW funding to offer children mental health support in trusted afterschool environments. Initial planning is necessary to identify and better understand existing services before new dollars are allocated.

CFK is the voice for youth services in our County and our 2022 recommendations also include maintaining or expanding Invest In Kids (IIK) grant funding.  With so many essential needs demanding support, we need to be vocal and visible this budget season. The Westchester County Youth Bureau coordinates grant funding for IIK programs and will release a 2022 Youth Bureau RFP next year. This is perfect timing for the County to expand the continuum of behavioral health into after-school programs.

We have an opportunity to be innovative and meet children where they are.

See more of the CFK 2022 Budget Agenda.

You Can Help!

Please join us in the coming weeks on social media, at the public hearing, and through our Advocacy Alerts to help ask the Westchester County Board of Legislators to put the needs of our children first.

  1. Use our Advocacy Alert: Contact your legislator to encourage them to make the mental health of children and youth a priority for the 2022 Westchester County Budget
  2. Sign up to be a WCA eAdvocate: Call decision-makers and spread the word about the needs in child mental health.
  3. Attend the public hearing