WCA eBulletin #18: Get involved as a WCA eAdvocate today!

Become a WCA eAdvocate!

We are looking for a few great volunteers to get involved in our advocacy beyond our Advocacy Alerts to promote our agenda this coming Budget Season. WCA will continue to share opportunities for all of our supporters to spread the word about our Budget Agenda through Advocacy Alerts that allows subscribers to send an email and social media posts about important issues. We would also like to give an opportunity to those who would like to do more to help us push for change and make a stronger impression on local decision-makers.

“Budget Season”

Every October through April, state and county law makers prepares for elections, important deliberations, and decisions that can affect children and young adults in Westchester County. WCA staff works hard to meet with key legislators individually to go into depth about the issues, relay key data, and persuade them to support bills and investments that will promote positive development among youth.  We would like to offer the chance for you to support our work by amplifying WCA’s main objectives Just like a chorus enhances a melody, eAdvocates would echo and enhance our messaging through phone calls and follow-up to our Advocacy Alert messages. Each time community members call an elected official, the frequency and content of each successful phone call and voice mail is recorded as evidence of the importance and support of an advocacy initiative. Just as we did with Raise the Age, WCA hopes that with your help we can help make key bills into law and encourage greater investment into our children.  We will provide contact information, background, and a script of what to say during voice messages and phone calls to make it easy to advocate from home.

For those who have a little extra time and passion for our children, this is a great way to help.

Social Spread

Another important way to be an eAdvocate is to recruit others to join in the chorus about our key initiatives. WCA is on all major platforms with the same handle @WCA4kids, which makes it easy to find and tag us in your posts.  eAdvocates will have the opportunity to volunteer their time and network to spread the word about our main issues and goals for the year. We will send out sample posts and instructions on how to tag people in your network to further encourage others to spread the word.

How To Sign Up

Please use this form to join our WCA eAdvocate group. Your contact information will be added to a mailing list in our private database and you will receive further instruction, in-depth information about our current issues, and prompts to volunteer and amplify our message during key times in the fall and spring.  This list, like our entire contact database, is private and will never be sold or spammed.

We hope that you will become an eAdvocate and help Westchester children and youth thrive even more each day!

Sign up today!


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