eBulletin #10 – Donate to WCA as 2020 comes to an end

What a year it has been!

Thanks to the support of our donors, Westchester Children’s Association is still here as fierce advocates for over 307,000 children and youth in Westchester County during one of the most challenging times in recent memory. Even though we are in the midst of a global pandemic, WCA has been unwavering in our fight to ensure that all children continue to grow, learn, and thrive regardless of race or zip code. The pandemic has laid bare the urgent needs and disparities of our most vulnerable children and has steeled our resolve to fight harder for our kids.


The struggles families face living in Westchester County are now being shone in a brighter light due to this pandemic and the number of children who are vulnerable to falling through the cracks is increasing. WCA must work even harder to find these children and provide the support they need through policy changes, funding, and community programs with the help of our partners. We have adapted to the times and highlighted the areas of most pressing need that require activism, advocacy, and investment.

  • More children have become vulnerable to COVID in overcrowded homes.
  • More children are losing out on education due to a lack of technology and WiFi.
  • More children face social and emotional challenges as families lack the home visiting services needed to support them at their critical time of development.


With your compassion and generosity, we can do so much for these children and make Westchester County a place where families thrive despite all odds. WCA receives no government funding, allowing us to prioritize and quickly respond to the needs of our youth without any hindrances. A time like this calls for WCA’s fierce advocacy! Please help us to do all that we can to support the children and young people of Westchester County!

With much gratitude and wishes of good health for you and your family,

From the Staff and Board at WCA



WCA 10th eBulletin – our last one for 2020!

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