Race Equity

WCA Statement on Race Equity

For over 107 years, Westchester Children’s Association has advocated for the needs of our county’s children. Issues such as homelessness, mental health, youth justice, and development impact children across demographic groups. However, from the data that we have compiled, analyzed, shared, and published, we know that racial discrimination continues to be a root cause of persistent disparities and systemic inequity. 

Equitable opportunities and outcomes have been integral to the mission of this organization. Applying a race equity lens to who we are and how we work has provided WCA with a deeper understanding of racial and ethnic disparities. WCA is committed to empowering others, advocating for fairness, and using data to inform policy. We encourage constructive conversations and positive actions that enable all children to be healthy, safe, and prepared for life’s challenges.

Updated January 1, 2022


WCA’s Work and Race Equity

Westchester Children’s Association is putting in the internal and external work to facilitate race equity by demonstrating equity in our employment opportunities, and partnerships.  We have formed a Race Equity Committee comprising board and staff members to guide these efforts.

Below is an evolving list of past WCA’s child advocacy work that is related to race, equity, and race equity:

  1. “How Are the Black Children of Westchester” Blog post  about  “The State of Westchester – Black Children and Youth Report.”  (2020)
  2. “Our Children Deserve No Less” Article by Allison Lake, Executive Director published in Westchester Hispano Magazine and Lohud (June 2020)
  3. WCA Ground Truthing Podcast – multiple episodes on race and equity-related issues
  4. “Westchester Academic Growth by Race and School District”  interactive data publication (2018)
  5. “An Alternative Measure of Academic Success – Part II” Blog Post by Limarie Cabrera, Director of Data, Finance, and Operations (2018)
  6. Community Snapshots – showing demographic data for Westchester County and all school districts (2016 & 2018)


For more information, contact us at wca@wca4kids.org