Westchester Children’s Association Shares New Logo


In celebration of 100 years of leading advocacy for children, we set out to design a logo that communicates the values and qualities that make Westchester Children’s Association (WCA) special.

With a committee of Board, staff, and communications / PR professionals, we’ve designed a new logo with elements that articulate our values, strength, and purpose.

For the logo we chose a strong font and emphasized the word “children,” since they are at the heart of everything we do. The vibrant colors evoke spring and a feeling of hope and renewal.

As the leading voice for children and youth in our county, the underscore of our name is a “speech bubble.” Finally, the tag line at the bottom sums up our current and historic role: Children’s Champions since 1914.

We are excited to share our new logo with you and remain grateful to everyone who was a part of the logo redesign process!