“Let’s Take the Kids to a Show!” Was a Great Success!

On Saturday, February 11th, 2017 WCA’s good friends, the Westchester Knicks, took on the Northern Arizona Suns and won 114-103! And that was not the only positive thing happening that night at the Westchester County Center; WCA’s “Let’s Take the Kids to a Show!” participants, staff and Board Members were there to cheer our local Knicks on to victory!

WCA’s very generous donors sponsored 196 low-income and foster youth to come to the County Center and watch the Westchester Knicks play. In addition to a ticket, each kid got a snack voucher, a Westchester Knicks lanyard and thunder sticks, and a chance to take photos on the court at the end of the game, enabling them to get the full sporting event experience.

Many thanks to our wonderful donors from all of us at WCA, and especially from the youth who enjoyed terrific experience they might not otherwise have had.

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