Raise the Age Has Passed!

Please read our statement on the passage of Raise the Age legislation.

As long and as hard as advocates fought for raise the age legislation, the young people who stand to benefit are the ones who fought the real fight to get a second chance. And it is with those young people in mind that Westchester Children’s Association sends its gratitude to all the members of the state legislature who pushed this legislation through. We appreciate the perseverance of young people, clergy, the public and representatives who stood with us. And although all of the policy points we sought did not make it into the bill, we have a solid foundation upon which to build. We look forward to working with state and local departments, agencies and officials to ensure implementation is effective in helping as many of our children, youth and families as possible.

Thank you to everyone who made phone calls, sent letters, sent emails and posted on social media. It made the difference and it was because of all of you that we made Raise the Age happen!

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