Join the Fight to Raise the Age in New York!

Here is the tweet that started it all this past weekend! Shaun King, senior justice writer at the NY Daily News and civil rights activist, has joined the fight to Raise the Age in New York. This past weekend he wrote to his followers about Raise the Age, requesting that they learn more about the issue and follow (on social media) the lead work group members in the RTA arena, Westchester Children’s Association was on that list!

This simple, yet wonderful action led to an increase of over 1,200 new followers on both our Facebook and Twitter channels. This alone will help our messaging around Raise the Age, and our other issues, reach so many more people.

Join us in the fight to Raise the Age in New York.

  • Open this Google Doc and follow us and the other organizations fighting for RTA.
  • Send out a post or tweet with the following message (or something similar):
    • “Join me Follow these 120 grassroots leaders fighting to reform the justice system in NY #RaiseTheAgeNY via @wca4kids”
  • Download the Raise the Age-NY communications tool kit.
  • Send a letter to your legislator now.
  • Join our mailing list to get Advocacy Alerts to make sure you’re on top of the action.

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