GPS4Kids Project Leader on Local Radio

Our GPS4Kids project leader, Erica Ayala, was invited to talk about GPS4Kids on the “Your Community Today” hosted by Ralph Gregory on WVOX Radio in New Rochelle on September 6th, 2016.

Ralph started the show back in 2002, when he was still the CEO of the United Way. Over the years, he has interviewed most of the leaders in the nonprofit and government sectors.  Our Executive Director, Cora Greenberg, has been on the show three or four times.  Ralph focuses on such issues such as the lack of affordable housing, the lack of affordable child care, domestic violence, hunger, various health challenges, the current opioid crisis, etc. He tries to give the audience a good sense of the range of social issues that exist in our affluent county–and the individuals and organizations that are doing something about them.

If you missed Erica’s interview, you can listen to it here!


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