2016 Children By The Numbers: Diversity & Inequity in Westchester

LoHud View: Can we really level the playing field for kids?

WCA Director of Data Analysis, Limarie Cabrera, wrote an op-ed exploring the inequity that exists for Westchester’s kids as seen in the newly released 2016 Children By the Numbers Data Bulletin.

“In Westchester County, one of the richest and most educated counties in the nation, we see jaw dropping inequality. There is evidence that race, location, and even gender, play too strong a role in a child’s success.  Despite our well-intentioned efforts, the playing field remains dangerously uneven.”

But, there’s something you can do. Contact your elected officials and urge them to support investments in children and youth in the New York State budget.

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Read the full commentary on LoHud.

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