2016 Elections: Let’s Take Care of Our Children

The following statement was given by our Executive Director, Cora Greenberg.

Dear WCA partners, supporters and friends,

In this time of change and transition, the Westchester Children’s Association remains resolute and focused on our mission to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, and prepared for life’s challenges. We are ready and eager to work with newly elected officials at all levels of government to make sure every youngster has the supports and opportunities they need to reach their potential and contribute to our collective future.

Just as we adults are sorting out our reactions to last week’s election, so our children are grappling with their own thoughts and feelings. There have been reports throughout the country of increased incidents of bullying or harassment against LBGTQ youth, Muslim youngsters and children of color. Local service providers tell us of children in immigrant families worried that they or their parents may be deported. We worry, too, about children whose families may have supported a presidential candidate not favored by others in their neighborhood, who may feel they have to hide their parents’ political opinions to fit in with friends.

As adults who care about children, it is up to us to make sure they are safe. We must stand up to protect them against harassment and bullying and also teach those who harass and bully. We must provide age-appropriate reassurance to those who worry, while continuing to fight for policies that will protect them from harm and promote their well-being.

The Westchester Children’s Association is non-partisan but unabashedly pro-children. We pledge to continue our 102-year legacy of effective advocacy for children, teens and families, fighting for public policies, investments and programs that help all our children thrive.

Cora Greenberg


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