Take the Kids to a Show 2019 – November 29 at SUNY Purchase


Every year, Westchester Children’s Association gives a very special experience to low-income and foster youth from Westchester County.

Since the first event in 2005, WCA donors have provided a variety of memorable experiences for foster and low-income children, that they might otherwise not have. This event broadens horizons! Supported by generous donations, WCA has worked with our partner agencies to bring foster and low-income youth to music, sports, dance, and performances from cultures around the world.

How it Works

For every $100 donated to Take the Kids to a Show, WCA will make arrangements for children to attend a show or a game. A portion of your contribution will be used to purchase a ticket, and the balance will help Westchester Children’s Association continue its work of making sure that all children are healthy, safe and prepared for life’s challenges.

This Year’s Event

WCA Take the Kids to a Show 2019 at Purchase Performing Arts Center

Take the Kids to a Show is in its 14th year and this year WCA will be taking children from Westchester to a dynamic performance by dutch dance company, Arch 8, to be held at SUNY Purchase Performing Center on November 23, 2019.  This performance by the Dutch dance company promises to be innovative and interactive where kids can actually come up on stage!

You can play a role!

Buy tickets for children from Westchester to attend while supporting our work.

For more information, please contact our Director of Development, Rebekah Raz at rraz@wca4kids.org.