eBulletin #9 – Project 2020 Advocacy Training Vlog

Project 2020, WCA’s civic engagement initiative, continues to grow even as local and national elections have passed on November 3rd.  Encouraging 16 to 18-year-olds to register to vote under the new laws in New York was just the beginning. We have hosted even more training of local youth groups to encourage them to understand the political process in their communities, show them how to make their messages more effective, and motivate them to get involved in community development. Hear Josh Prywes, Programs and Policy Associate, and Jasmine Drew, MSW intern, talk about recent sessions hosted with Good for Girls, Inc., and students in Sleepy Hollow public schools.

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Our 9th eBulletin includes:

Virtual Benefit Highlights and photos! 
KIDS COUNT Virtual Conference Session on November 18
Project 2020 advocacy training vlog
Vacancy – Administrative Associate


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