WCA eBulletin #8: 2020 Vote for Kids Candidate Survey results are out!

As we are just weeks away from the upcoming election, it is important to ensure that voters, families, and our supporters in Westchester are given accurate information in order to make informed decisions. During each election season, many seize the opportunity to find ways to make their voices heard and challenge injustices that will break the cycle of systemic oppression and instead, create lasting change for generations to come. As advocates for the needs of children and youth, WCA has continued our Vote for Kids initiative for the 10th year creating and distributing a survey of Westchester candidates for New York State Assembly and Senate who are running in the General Election on November 3, 2020.

This survey aims to gather feedback about the issues and level of prioritization candidates have for children and share the results with Westchester voters and the media. Candidates were asked questions including what their single, leading priority for children is and how they will commit to implementing change.  They were also asked to rank social issues that affect children and youth based on their priorities. All were given approximately three (3) weeks to return the completed survey to WCA with a character limit of what would be shared.

We have translated this data into an interactive map to share on our website. The majority of candidates contacted did provide their feedback as we received responses from 17 out of the 23 candidates up for election this year.  ‘Housing and Child Homelessness’ was the top issue discussed among a majority of candidates, closely followed by ‘Early Childhood supports for Young Children.’ Average ranking of child issues:

  • Housing and Child Homelessness – 4.13
  • Early Childhood – 3.69
  • Youth Development and Community Engagement  – 3
  • Youth Justice – 2.38
  • and School Environment followed – 1.81

See for yourself what the candidates have to say!



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