WCA eBulletin #21: Our Hope Quilt is raising awareness about Home Visting

In order to generate community awareness and support for home visiting to change policies and raise funds, WCA will continue our Hope Quilt Project that was started during our end-of-year fundraising thanks to your support.

We have gathered over 250 squares of cloth to date that were decorated with inspirational messages, fun drawings, intricate designs, and even patterned material by staff and Board members,  supporters, donors, and even children from local schools. We hope to gather thousands more through our networks to develop a quilt that can be displayed publicly to inspire young infants and families and illustrate the potential impact that Home Visiting programs can have in Westchester County.

WCA recently petitioned the Westchester County Executive staff to recognize that investing funds earmarked for Home Visiting from the American Rescue Plan in Westchester County presented an opportunity for hundreds of eligible families to access this proven strategy.  Even more, it is a chance for Westchester to be “bold by design” by launching a universal, light-touch program open to all families of newborns who seek the services.  Our Hope Quilt has the potential to touch lives throughout our county and show the support needed for babies, infants, and low-income families to prevent negative health outcomes and improve their development.

We hope that you will continue to send in your beautiful squares and consider donating to support our advocacy on Home Visiting.


WCA’s Hope Quilt Project Overview

Early childhood services delivered in home settings provide individualized support and guidance, as well as connections to important social services to families with children under age 5. The lack of program capacity and funding in Westchester County and New York State has left eligible families to struggle without these critical resources.  In Westchester County, 95.2% of eligible children are not receiving Home Visiting services which are critical for strengthening the optimal development of children and families. Westchester Children’s Association (WCA) advocates for the expansion of Home Visiting programs at the county and state levels so that every eligible family can have access.


  • To increase county and statewide awareness of the problem of lack of funding for Home Visiting programs in Westchester County and what can be done to create change.
  • To encourage greater public awareness in the child advocacy work of WCA and increase subscribers who would support the cause and activism.
  • Enlist the community to create quilt patches with hopeful messages and art.
  • To engage volunteers and sponsors to support the funding and execution of the campaign.


Learn more about our Hope Quilt Project at wca4kids.org/hopequilt 

or donate to support our advocacy for home visiting here.




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