One Click… is Your 1st Step in Advocacy

This page is the home base for our 1-click Advocacy campaigns!

It is an easy first step for you to get involved and understand how advocacy works.

  1. Enter your email address to our 1-Click Advocacy form (only active during campaigns).
  2. Locate your elected officials on local, state, or federal levels.
  3. Send ready-made social media messages and/or emails to your representative.
  4. Call your representative to have even more impact and influence on your elected official.
  5. Stay involved by following us @wca4kids or subscribing to our emails for updates on current events and our focal issues.

Participate in online advocacy campaigns. When form is active, letters or petitions will be sent to the appropriate elected official with only one click. When form is inactive, subscribe to get future alerts to join in.

You can also click here anytime to find out who your elected officials are!

Want to learn more?

Click here to read survey responses from 2019 Westchester candidates about how they making children a priority.

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