Why This Matters

WCA has pivoted in response to the emerging needs of children who must now participate in long-term Remote Learning due to the pandemic and strives to provide more support to parents, guardians, and students alike. Now we are diving even deeper to address systematic barriers that broaden the Digital Divide and undermine equity in Digital Access to internet services, adequate computer devices, and training for parents to easily use online resources.  Westchester Children’s Association leads a Remote Learning Workgroup of school districts, children’s advocates, county departments, community organizations, and elected officials working together.  We want all Westchester children and their families to have what they need to get the most out of remote learning including access to adequate internet services, appropriate computers or devices, and quality digital literacy training and support.

Westchester families that live in City districts such as Mount Vernon, or Yonkers often have greater difficulty getting remote learning support in our county. All families are struggling to cope with distance and hybrid learning challenges, but the burden is greater for families with lower income, are immigrant / ESL, have multiple school-age children, and when caregivers or students have special needs. WCA is doing all that we can to bring attention to these burdens and mobilize resources to address them.

Our Current Efforts include:

  1. Fill out our Digital Access Survey about the internet and computers to help Westchester families succeed online!
  2. Sign our Remote Learning Petition to close the digital divide during the pandemic and beyond for all Westchester kids
  3. Our Remote Learning Agenda prioritizes technology access, affordable internet, and supports for students and caregivers.
  4. Lead a Remote Learning Workgroup of stakeholders who monitor problems and develop solutions.
  5. Awareness campaigns to alert families to resources and programs to help them succeed in remote learning.
  6. Our Parents and Superintendent Surveys to gain insight into pressing issues.
  7. Monitoring trends and racial disparities within the digital divide in Westchester.

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