Advocating for children and youth in the 2016 Westchester budget

Budget Update 12/8: Send a letter telling Westchester County leadership that you support a 1% increase in the County tax levy to cover the cost of additions to nonprofits in the proposed 2016 budget

LoHud View: Are we worth $29 per year?

WCA Executive Director, Cora Greenberg, wrote an op-ed about Westchester’s proposed budget cuts and the price we pay as Westchester residents when we leave property taxes flat for six years. There are about 969,000 residents in Westchester, so the savings equals about $172 per person, or $29 per year for each Westchester resident.

“I urge you to contact county legislators and tell them that you are willing to spend $29 a year to sustain a vibrant caring community for all Westchester residents.”

During the 2016 Westchester County budget cycle, WCA and the Campaign for Kids coalition is asking the county leadership to not cut any programs that serve children and youth.

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Just like families put kids first–Westchester should too.

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