Westchester Graduates infographic

Facts About Westchester Graduates

By now, many high school seniors across Westchester County have already donned the classic cap and gown. After a much-anticipated walk across the stage, they now have a high school diploma in hand. They have joined the ranks of Westchester graduates! … Read More & Comment »

Youth in Juvenile Correctional Facilities Experience Maltreatment

This report highlights the continued, and in many instances, increased prevalence of maltreatment experienced by youth residing in juvenile correctional facilities throughout the United States. While there is evidence of maltreatment in facilities across the country, certain states – including New York – were listed as repeated offenders. Read More & Comment »

Yonkers City Snapshot

Winners of the 2015 City Snapshot Poll

Last month, we invited you to vote for the new locations to be added to the 2015 City Snapshot series. We’ll be updating last year’s infographics (Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Peekskill), plus adding two new communities. Based on your votes, we’re excited to announce that the winners are… Read More & Comment »

2015 youth employment infographic

Youth Employment in Westchester [Infographic]

This infographic provides statistics on the challenges facing our young people today — high unemployment rates, low educational levels, and an overall lack of readiness for college and careers. But it also highlights some of the programs working to connect Westchester’s young people to job opportunities. Read More & Comment »

Westchester youth experience higher rates of unemployment than adults.

Disconnected Youth: Are Our Youth Making the Transition to Adulthood?

It’s shocking, really. 12% of Westchester’s young people ages 16 to 24 aren’t in school and they aren’t working. That’s 12,280 young adults. They are the “disconnected youth” – disconnected from the positive activities that help young people prepare for an independent life as an adult. Read More & Comment »