Westchester youth experience higher rates of unemployment than adults.

Disconnected Youth: Are Our Youth Making the Transition to Adulthood?

It’s shocking, really. 12% of Westchester’s young people ages 16 to 24 aren’t in school and they aren’t working. That’s 12,280 young adults. They are the “disconnected youth” – disconnected from the positive activities that help young people prepare for an independent life as an adult. Read More & Comment »

Chart: Westchester youth of color are disproportionately more likely to be arrested for a crime than white youth

A Better Juvenile Justice System for Our Youth and Our Communities

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that the #RaisetheAge campaign is really picking up steam. Along with many concerned community members and nonprofit partners, Westchester Children’s Association has been pushing for juvenile justice reforms. These reforms would give young people who have been convicted of a crime better access to the age-appropriate services that will help them turn their lives around. Learn more about the proposed reforms with this infographic. Read More & Comment »

Raising the Bar infographic featured image

Raising the Bar on Academic Achievement

In the United States, long after the words “land of the free” were written on the back of a letter in Franklin Scott Key’s pocket, racial inequality is still a reality in our world today, even in our county of … Read More & Comment »