Why This Matters

Youth represent the future of our communities. Ensuring that each young person has the best chance to develop their full potential benefits all of us.

Community youth programs provide important supports and opportunities to young people, complementing the education and activities provided by families, schools, and faith-based organizations.

Campaign for Kids (CFK) is a coalition of more than 50 community-based youth-serving organizations that share ideas and leverage their collective power to support positive youth development in Westchester County. Each year, led by Westchester Children’s Association, Campaign for Kids members identify critical needs of youth, and then advocate for public funds and policies to address those needs.

What Are The Facts?

  • Initially, the coalition’s goal was to create a stable and sustainable mechanism for county funding that would support community-based youth agencies that provided positive youth development programs and prevention services.
  •  In 1993, Campaign for Kids successfully advocated for the very first Invest in Kids fund. As a result, $850,000 was set aside in the county budget to support dozens of community based youth programs. Since then, Campaign for Kids has advocated for increased funding.
  • Nearly $2 million was allocated for the Invest in Kids fund in the 2015 County Budget.
  • The Invest in Kids fund targets at-risk young people in 11 urban communities. The maximum county grant is $45,000, and the agencies must match that amount with their own funds.

We Can Do Better

After a frustrating and harmful delay in the announcement of the organizations that would receive county funding for youth programs, Campaign for Kids initiated efforts to reform the Invest in Kids funding process.

On July 22, 2015, Westchester Children’s Association hosted an event to celebrate progress in these reforms. At this event, the Westchester County government announced its intentions to form a new Invest in Kids planning group, as recommended by Campaign for Kids. This group will evaluate and make recommendations on improving the process for funding youth programs.

Campaign for Kids, through WCA’s leadership, will continue to work together with the County to make sure that effective and important youth programs receive funding in a fair and transparent way.

During the 2016 Westchester County budget cycle, Campaign for Kids joined with 8 other coalitions (Arts Westchester, Community Voices Heard, Federated Conservationists of Westchester, Interfaith Clergy for Social Action, New York Immigration Coalition, NonProfit Westchester, Westchester NOW, Westchester Women’s Agenda) to form a super-coalition representing over 500 organizations that stood together to keep Westchester thriving. Through the work of this super-coalition, many of the cuts to most, but not all, non-profits serving children, youth, and other vulnerable populations in Westchester were restored.


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